Farm Life [two]

My mother, at work. In her kitchen, the garden, her tiny farm-house office. Food is prepped, dish work is never done, the dogs needing attention – and somehow she manages to do everything with such grace and joyfulness. “Farm Life” features a series of photographs taken in rural Wisconsin, exploring the subtle beauty and simplicity

Rovinj, Croatia

Whenever I mentioned that I was planning to travel through Croatia for 3-weeks, the first question was always “why Croatia?”. I didn’t fully know the answer myself, just simply that I had heard amazing things about it from friends who had visited. Where to begin? It’s a truly magical country. And it still feels untouched by

Kauai, Hawaii

I’ve sort of always avoided Hawaii. For a while, I had held the mis-conception that it was just a place where folks went to honeymoon at bland hotels. And I couldn’t have been more wrong. The quiet lushness surprised me. Breath-taking scenes straight out of a movie, this place put me in a dream-like, meditative state. The deep greens

Venice, Italy

During our month-long trip through Croatia, we had the realization that we were just a few hours drive from Italy (where I had yet to visit). The forecast ahead for Croatia looked like rain, but Venice was sunny. A no brainer. So, a short detour led us to the banks of the Grand Canal for lunch, Venetian style.

Farm Life [one]

I began a photo series at my parent’s farm in Wisconsin last year when I added another film camera to my toolbox (Mamiya 6 medium format). It’s always been a desire of mine to return to shooting film. While it’s a bit more technically challenging on the front end, it also requires I pay greater attention to